Advertising Sponsorship

PSA911 offers three networks of sponsorship possibilities on our Friday Update network:

  • PSA911 Police
  • PSA911 Fire-Rescue
  • PSA911 EMS

You may choose to advertise on all three networks or the one that is your passion.  The Friday Update is streamed once a week and courses are distributed for professional mandated Continuing Education (CE) monthly.  Annually, over all networks combined there are 156 Friday Updates streamed and 36 CE courses produced.  What is unique to PSA911 is that the usual short one time few second advertisement impression viewed on the Internet transforms your sponsorship displayed in program entirety, and that is usually the duration of 30 minutes.  That means a potential of 150 minutes a month of pure Internet advertising to a vast demographic customer base of public service professionals of all gender and race, ranging in the ages of 18 to 70.  Now that is powerful Internet advertising!  Since PSA911 is a public service 501(c)(3) company you can opt to utilize either marketing or philanthropic corporate dollars for sponsorship.  Below are two samples of what the PSA911 Friday Update and Course program advertising that your customers will view during streaming of either program’s content.


Friday Update – Screen Image


PSA911 Courseware – Screen Image


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Public Safety America 911, Inc., is a non-profit Texas Corporation organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Your Advertising Sponsorship donation is tax deductible to the amount allowed by law.